CTCN in Media: Enabling Climate Action With Technology Transfer


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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The New Economy

Technologies are fundamental to combating global warming and building climate-resilient societies all over the world. While technological innovation is an important factor, there are already thousands of technologies available which have proven capacity to contribute to adaptation and mitigation goals. The key challenge is getting them deployed where they are most needed. This requires supportive policy and regulatory infrastructures, as well as a workforce with the capacity to manage and adapt them.

Technology transfer is a multifaceted and global challenge which requires the collective action of the UNFCCC, multilateral institutions, governments, civil society and the private sector. The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), the operational arm of the climate Convention’s Technology Mechanism, was created to strengthen this collective action as an integral part of the international climate architecture established by Parties to the Convention in 2010 and is a critical means to realizing the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC itself.

The CTCN is specifically tasked with supporting developing countries in their efforts to deploy transformative climate technologies as they seek to fulfill their national climate priorities. We work across the entire technology cycle, from technology identification and prioritization, through design and piloting, to deployment and scale-up, while strengthening the frameworks and conditions necessary to foster technology deployment in developing country markets.

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