CTCN in Madagascar: Supporting the creation and establishment of a Climate Change Competence Centre


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) supported Madagascar in developing and implementing capacity-building activities related to climate change competencies. The effort was led by the Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forest, in close collaboration with Maharitra NGO. 

Madagascar has been identified as one of the five most vulnerable countries to climate change in the world and that the various forms of climate change will bring about increasingly intense extreme meteorological events over the coming years.

The main objective of the CTCN’s technical assistance was to create suitable conditions for the establishment of a climate change competence centre to support awareness-raising and training, and more generally to share theoretical and practical information on climate change, in line with sustainable development.  Recommendations on the establishment and operation were made regarding the programs, beneficiaries, intervention approaches, infrastructure, governance and funding. 

Main expected outputs are the following: 

•    Mapping and an analytical review of the experience and initiatives concerning centres and awareness-raising and educational projects and initiatives relating to climate change in Madagascar and at the international level;

•    A set of recommendations relating to institutional and organizational setup and potential sources of funding;

•    A framework and an overall strategy for all stages of the process to effectively establish the centre following the CTCN’s technical assistance (assessment of capacity-building needs, recommendations on the training methodologies, development of a training program, suggesting alternatives for the centre’s infrastructure and mapping of international funding sources) 

This technical assistance was implemented by Centre’s network members Econoler and Le Groupe-conseil Baastel



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