CTCN in Lao PDR: Support has been transformational, leveraged larger financing


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The UN Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) has been assisting Lao PDR in different areas in addressing climate change: developing a power to gas masterplan in Laos; designing ecosystem-based solutions for building urban resilience, and city climate vulnerability assessment and identification of ecosystem-based adaptation intervention.

“CTCN support has been catalytic, transformational, and has helped leverage larger financing”, noted Mr. Amphayvanh Oudomdeth, Director of the Climate Change Adaptation Division and assistant to the National Designated Entity of Lao PDR during the recent CTCN Advisory Board meeting.

The CTCN technical assistance to assess city climate vulnerability and identify ecosystem-based adaptation intervention helped to identify the vulnerability of people and ecosystems in six cities and made it clear that people in urban areas are currently impacted by climate change. This project contributed to design a Green Climate Fund (GCF) project that leveraged the support of USD 11.5 million.

Another CTCN project, the design of the ecosystem-based solutions for building urban resilience estimated the economic impacts for the six proposed interventions, designed interventions for flood remediation and residual flood risks, as well as analyzed the potential pollution remediation issues. This contributed to the revision and re-submit of the GCF funding proposal.

The ongoing technical assistance to develop a power to gas masterplan is expected to lower the GHG emissions and enhance energy security for the industry and transport sector, as well as serve as a regional demonstration with potential opportunities to scale up in other countries in the region.

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