CTCN in Kenya: Catalysing Green Technologies For Sustainable Water Delivery


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

CTCN supports the Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) in Kenya, by determining the technical and financial feasibility of selected green technologies for improved water resources and climate-proof infrastructure. This technical assistance is led by CTCN Consortium partner UNEP-DTU Partnership. Experts had work sessions with WSTF and the national consultant, as well as conducted stakeholder meetings with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Danish Embassy this week in Nairobi, Kenya.

 “Water services available for the poor in Kenya are often inadequate, unsafe and unsustainable.  This CTCN technical assistance will have outputs which in the long term will generate considerable impacts to our communities. It will provide sustainable water resources management and long term provision of sustainable water through green technologies”, says Gaudensia Owino, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute.

It is expected that this technical assistance will:

  • Prioritize three green water technologies adapted to targeted areas
  • ​Draft a pre-feasibility study to determine the technical, economic and social feasibility of the three selected technologies, ensuring involvement of women and youth
  • Identify potential private sector actors and public-private partnerships (PPP) within the water sector to facilitate deployment of water technologies
  • Propose PPP business models and build capacity for obtaining future funding

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