CTCN hosts Voluntary Technology Talk in Songdo, South Korea

Voluntary Technology Talk - Guided Tour

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Songdo, Korea, June 3-6, 2024 –The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) PAL Office recently hosted a Voluntary Technology Talk, aiming to facilitate the co-creation of scalable technical assistance projects.

Participants included National Designated Entities (NDEs) from six developing countries – Uganda, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, and the Maldives – supported by the CTCN. Over 300 climate technology solution providers and businesses showcased their innovations at the international exhibition hosted by multiple ministries of South Korea. 

CTCN has supported over 75 NDEs globally in seeking and discussing potential technology partnerships. One of the event’s features was the organization of four prearranged bilateral meetings for matchmaking with Network members. These included collaborations between the Korea Institute Of Energy Research (KIER) and Côte d'Ivoire, Inha University and Tanzania, Green Energy Institute (GEI) and the Maldives, and T&C Korea Co., LTD with Cambodia.

NDEs participated in a guided hall tour and engaged in networking opportunities with the Korean climate and environmental technology providers. During the tour, they were introduced to the top 12 innovative climate technology solutions, setting the stage for enhanced technical assistance projects.

The Voluntary Technology Talk also featured bilateral meetings with Inha University and the Korea Institute Of Energy Research, aiming to increase the overall effectiveness of the technical assistance projects under preparation. These interactions were facilitated by the PAL Office, empowering NDEs to take an active leadership role in discovering and implementing innovative technologies through potential collaborations.

Key highlights of the event included learning opportunities on international collaboration, particularly through the '2024 Seminar for Investment in Overseas Environment Market,' hosted by the Embassy of Latvia, UNIDO ITPO Korea, and KECI. This seminar provided insights into how developing countries can enhance international cooperation in the environmental/climate sector.

Furthermore, the participating countries identified their top three preferred technology solutions from over 300 exhibiting climate and environmental solutions. This selection process was pivotal in helping these countries tailor their technology adoption strategies to their specific needs.

The NDEs also visited the Hanam Clean Environment and Recycling Complex – Union Park, the world’s first underground facility equipped with a 95% odor control system. This complex includes a municipal wastewater treatment plant, a solid waste incinerating plant, and a food waste processing facility, all situated four floors underground. Above ground, the site features a park, sports, and leisure facilities for community well-being.

This visit demonstrated a successful example of transforming a facility typically opposed by residents into an environmentally friendly project that benefits the community. The insights gained from this visit are expected to inspire similar initiatives in the participating countries.

Overall, the Talk served as a platform for developing countries to explore and adopt innovative climate technologies, fostering international collaboration and advancing global efforts to combat climate change.

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