CTCN at GSTIC 2020: Presenting Kurunegala Smart City project


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Climate Technology Centre and Network
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The National Designated Entity of Sri Lanka, Ms. Hasula, presented at the opening session of GSTIC 2020 the CTCN supported technical assistance "Climate Smart City of Kurunegala in Sri Lanka".

She emphasized that technical assistance has adopted an integrated approach on adaptation and mitigation measures towards climate smart city. While the project on the adaptation measures is delivered, the technical assistance on mitigation measures is ongoing.

“Transforming our cities into climate smart cities in the face of climate change is not only a necessity but a priority and an investment for future generations”, noted Ms. Hasula.

The technical assistance on adaptation measures has identified water scarcity and heat stress as the two major climatic issues faced by the city of Kurunegala. It was recommended to introduce Gravity Driven Membrane filters and rain harvesting to enhance access to clean drinking water and to introduce nature based cooling solutions and Green Infrastructure like rain gardens, green roofs, vegetative swales, constructed wetlands, permeable pavements, infiltration trenches to reduce the heat stress.

The technical assisatcen on mitigation is dealing with the measures to reduce Green House Gas emission from waste, transport and energy consumption in the city. With the identification of low carbon technologies in the given areas, the city will be helped with a roadmap to deploy these measures and proposal to leverage large scale funding to support the deployment of measures. 




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