CTCN at the Global Cooperation Forum: Korea Climate Technology 2019


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea and the Green Technology Center Korea invited the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) to attend the Global Cooperation Forum in Seoul. The aim of the forum was to discuss Korea’s policies and cooperation activities, present cooperation cases between Korea and developing countries, as well as discuss the plans on how to expand the cooperation in the future. The CTCN's Deputy Director, Tomoo Machiba shared examples of the collaboration between the CTCN and Korea.


Network members are very important to CTCN’s technology transfer process. We have more than 500 members all over the world, almost half from the private sector; 60 Network members are from Korea. The CTCN brings together a diverse global community of climate technology users and providers, share best practices, and identify matchmaking opportunities. Network members gain the opportunity to showcase relevant technologies, policies and practices, and to facilitate their deployment in developing countries", noted Mr. Machiba.

Climate Technology Network members started to implement selected technical assistance on a pro-bono basis. For example, the Republic of Korea's National Designated Entity institution offered funding to conduct technical assistance requested by Sri Lanka to develop Kurunegala as a climate smart city. 

The Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT is also contributing to support technology transfer initiatives of the CTCN.

CTCN presentation by Mr. Machiba:

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