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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) has developed a new work programme in collaboration with the UNFCCC youth constituency, YOUNGO, to engage youth in climate technology innovation and implementation.

Views from YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Climate technologies are a key interest area for youth. Young people are a key target group for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. We play an important role as entrepreneurs, in the start-up scene, as scholars, and in the development of new and innovative technologies. We are crucial in driving technology adaptation and change. Furthermore, our socio-economic well-being and job prospects will be affected by the evolution of climate-friendly technologies. We are the future stakeholders and main users of new technologies, which we adopt openly and quickly.

Youth driving innovation. We know there is an urgent need for climate technology innovation and implementation to reduce emissions and avoid catastrophic climate change. At the same time, solutions must be aligned with local and/or regional requirements. Therefore, young people should have a seat at the tables where decisions are made. We need access to larger networks of relevant actors, as well as funding for the innovative technologies and solutions we develop. A key priority is making technologies one of the main levers for a greener world. For this, we require more knowledge, training, capacity building and tools to manage the development and implementation of innovative climate technologies. Supporting the contributions of youth for the development of climate solutions will support future career opportunities and help develop countries’ clean technology sectors.

Youth involvement in climate technology implementation. Increased youth engagement in transfer and implementation of new technologies should focus on enhanced collaboration between young people from Global South and Global North to facilitate the acceptance and success of climate technologies. It should also strengthen the active role of youth in identification, assessments and decision-making for climate technology implementation. The best means for youth involvement are those which reach a wide audience, including marginalized communities. Workshops, trainings and knowledge sharing should take young people’s abilities and access into consideration to be as inclusive as possible.

CTCN collaboration with YOUNGO. The CTCN and the UNFCCC youth constituency YOUNGO have recently strengthened their collaboration efforts. Besides planning joint events and trainings on youth, climate and innovation, we are exploring possibilities to engage further on knowledge sharing through webinars, internships, and development of knowledge products. The intention is to provide a platform for youth voices on climate technologies, strengthen capacities, and ensure that CTCN services remain inclusive, relevant and mindful of all stakeholders. YOUNGO, while being a constituency to UNFCCC processes, has its operations and activities spread across 200+ youth-led NGOs, and over 3500 individuals, several of which work on or around the focus areas of the CTCN. We look forward to our continued collaboration.

For more collaboration with YOUNGO, please read the CTCN Progress report.

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