CTCN at the Bonn Climate Change Conference: insights and photo gallery


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The two bodies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism, the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) and the Technology Executive Committee organized a side event on the implementation of the Technology Framework in support of Paris Agreement implementation. Mr. Carlos Fuller, International and Regional Liaison Officer of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre served as event moderator. CTCN Advisory Board Chair, Ms. Orly Jacob, and Technology Executive Committee (TEC) Chair, Ms. Dinara Gershinkova presented how the bodies of the Technology Mechanism are addressing Technology Framework guidance. Mr. Elisha N. Moyo, National Designated Entity, Zimbabwe was then joined by Mr. Gonzalo Muñoz, Chile's high-level climate action champion; and representatives of various constituencies, including Ms. Sara Nyberg, YOUNGO representative; Ms. Anne Barre, Women and Gender Constituency representative; Mr. Axel Michaelowa, Institute of Political Science / University of Zurich and Center for Comparative and International Studies (RINGO representative); and Mr. Sunil Acharya, Regional Advisor – Climate and Resilience, Practical Action (ENGO representative) who discussed their priorities for implementation of the Technology Framework. 

“The Technology Mechanism is actively responding to guidance by Parties in implementing the Technology Framework. However, we can’t do this alone. We look forward to engaging as broadly as possible with all stakeholders to accelerate technology action”, emphasized the Chair of CTCN Advisory Board Ms. Orly Jacob.  

Mr. Gonzalo Munoz noted that bringing the workshops to those who need the technology is crucial: “Bringing the knowledge to decision makers at local and national levels is something we need to focus on. The private sector needs to gain more experience and knowledge about this work”.

“Technology is knowledge, skills, equipment, and techniques. We need to transfer these from one community to another, from one industry to another, from one generation to another”, said the National Designated Entity of Zimbabwe, Mr. Elisha N. Moyo.

Ms. Anne Barre from the UNFCCC Women and Gender Constituency emphasized that collaboration with the CTCN is strong, including with non-state actors, and observers within the Technology Mechanism: “To support an enabling environment, the CTCN and TEC should proactively continue developing gender training, capacity building and technical assistance. Youth need a broader place in the Technology Mechanism as they are creating and deploying new technologies”.

The CTCN was represented in various meetings on mitigation, adaptation, capacity building, gender, youth, knowledge sharing, and indigenous peoples during the Bonn Climate Change Conference, which took place 16 - 26 June in Germany (please see the list of events here).






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