The CTCN Advisory Board meets virtually to discuss 2020 plans


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) convened a two-day Advisory Board Taskforce meeting online from March 30 to 31st.  The CTCN presented its 2019 achievements, and the Advisory Board members provided valuable input into the Centre’s ongoing work, which continues despite the challenges posed by the Coronavirus.

“While these were not official meetings, the Advisory Board members provided guidance to the CTCN Secretariat and discussed the progress of the Board taskforces. The online format worked well and we were able to make a lot of progress in our discussions on the CTCN’s work and future plans”, noted Ms. Orly Jacobs, the Chair of the CTCN Advisory Board.

CTCN Director Dr. Rose Mwebaza presented an overview of the Centre’s recent achievements as well as COP25 guidance which the CTCN is currently implementing. See COP25 guidance relevant to the CTCN.

“Regarding our strategic plans for this year, the implementation of the Technology Framework is very important. Activities in the pipeline include enhanced collaboration with the Technology Executive Committee and the Adaptation Innovation Programme. Also, with support from the Government of Korea, we will open a liaison office in Songdo this year, that will focus on collaboration with the Green Climate Fund and enhancing our work on research and development, South-South learning, and network engagement in the region. We have also ramped up work with small and medium-sized businesses in order to generate awareness of the technologies available to them and the new markets that can be established through their use. Throughout our services we are aiming to incorporate more youth involvement and build upon our existing efforts to promote balanced gender considerations in terms of technology development and implementation”, presented Dr. Mwebaza.  

2019 marked the first full year that the CTCN delivered its technology services with a regional focus. The regional approach enabled the CTCN to strengthen its relationship with National Designated Entities as well as regional initiatives and organisations. It also facilitated the enhanced identification of national and regional climate technology needs and opportunities, which contributed to the highest number of multi-country requests since the CTCN’s launch.

The CTCN also strengthened and refocused its monitoring and evaluation system. Guided by a thorough external review and revised processes and methodologies, the Centre and its implementing partners will now be able to more consistently and concretely capture anticipated and achieved impacts. Read the CTCN 2019 Annual Operating Plan Report for further information on the CTCN’s services.

The Board also discussed the mobilization of resources for the CTCN, and UNEP representative Mark Radka emphasized UNEP’s continued commitment as host Agency for the CTCN and provided an overview of the UN Environment Programme’s plans in this regard. The Board emphasized that with regard to resource mobilisation, efforts should be made to provide a  long-term sustainability plan within the context of the existing programmatic and project funding.

Linkages with the Finance Mechanism continues to grow, as evidenced by a new collaboration with the Adaptation Fund for a USD 10 Million joint CTCN/UNDP Technology Aggregator Programme and the GEF USD 800,000 Pilot Programme on Innovative Financing for Climate Adaptation Technologies in Medium-sized Cities kicking off in 2020. The existing cooperation between the CTCN (via UNEP and UNIDO) and the Green Climate Fund continues to expand with the current portfolio including support for 16 countries to access readiness funds. 

The Board also presented findings regarding their taskforce work on improving the Climate Technology Network’s engagement strategy as well as ways to enhance Advisory Board meetings. 

The CTCN Advisory Board meets twice a year and provides guidance on the Centre’s fulfilment of the direction provided by the Conference of Parties. The next Board meeting is scheduled to take place at UNIDO headquarters in Vienna, Austria on September Sept 7-11, 2020 contingent upon the status of COVID 19. An online meeting will be scheduled in the event that an in-person Advisory Board meeting is not possible. Please visit the CTCN’s knowledge portal or follow the CTCN on Facebook or Twitter for up to date meeting information.


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