Climate Tech and Gender: a new online platform from the Technology Mechanism is breaking the ceiling

Climate Technology and Gender Expert Roster, an online platform designed to bridge the gap and build a more inclusive, effective and sustainable approach to addressing the global climate crisis.  

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December 4 – Amidst the resolute pursuit of solutions against climate change, a beacon of positivity and transformation emerges. The integration of gender perspectives into climate technology solutions is not only pivotal but also serves as the backbone for achieving net-zero emissions, staying within the 1.5°C limit, and promoting equitable impact.  However, it's important to note that the importance of gender perspectives extends beyond mitigation technologies, as adaptation and climate resilience are equally vital. This imperative realization takes center stage at COP28 in Dubai, where the Technology Mechanism introduces the Climate Technology and Gender Expert Roster, an online platform designed to bridge the gap and build a more inclusive, effective and sustainable approach to addressing the global climate crisis.  

COP27 mandated the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN), to finalize the global roster of experts in the field of climate technology focusing on gender and climate change as part of the Joint Work Programme. Launched today, the Roster will serve a global pool of professionals, grassroots experts, and indigenous people possessing expertise in gender equality and climate technology. 

Hosted on the CTCN website, the Roster is a comprehensive database housing experts of varying levels. It offers accessible search and filtering options to identify gender and climate technology experts for diverse purposes. This includes but is not limited to, participating in panels at climate change events, providing counsel on technical assistance projects, contributing to research and publications, and more. Finally, it allows you to search for experts based on region and language preferences. 

The Technology Mechanism extends the invitation to join the climate technology and gender expert roster, with a pledge to welcome professionals specializing in gender and climate technology, but especially grassroots and indigenous gender experts, non-academic specialists, gender non-conforming activists, and experts in gender intersectionality. This collective endeavor aims to enrich and diversify the pool of experts, champion inclusivity, and nurture innovation as part of a collaborative approach to tackle the pressing challenges posed by climate change. 

Erwin Rose, Chair of the Advisory Board at the Climate Technology Centre and Network and a TEC Member, encourages climate technology and gender-focused experts to join the Roster, emphasizing its role in bringing together expertise from two important fields. He emphasized, “With the introduction of this new roster, we have established a unique new virtual platform for individuals with expertise in the intersection of climate technology, innovation and gender issues. This space values advanced degrees, ancestral knowledge, and practical experience, underscoring the importance of the diverse range of expertise and cultural backgrounds needed to implement effective climate solutions and confront the challenge of climate change.” 

Ambrosio Yobánolo del Real, Vice-Chair of the Technology Executive Committee, stressed the importance of this key step in the implementation of the Lima Gender Action Plan agreed upon on COP 25 at Madrid and amended at Sharm El Sheik.  

“This roster supports the collection and consolidation of information and expertise on gender and climate change in sectors, thematic areas, and regions, and we expect that its implementation and use by parties, UN bodies, and stakeholders will foster women’s and girls’ full participation and leadership in science, technology, research and development related to climate and enhance the promotion and deployment of gender-responsive technological solutions to address climate change, including strengthening, protecting and preserving local, indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices," he noted.  

TEC and CTCN are looking forward to welcoming new experts to the Roster, and together, we aspire to strengthen the foundation for gender-inclusive climate technology solutions, fostering collaboration and driving positive change. For more information about the Climate Technology and Gender Expert Roster, please visit:


About the Technology Mechanism: 

The Technology Mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) consists of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) and the Technology Executive Committee (TEC). Its mission is to facilitate the development and transfer of climate technologies to developing countries to support their efforts in addressing climate change and achieving sustainable development. 

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