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Capacity building in the Gambia: Recycling of waste and organic materials

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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is assisting the Gambia in capacity building for recycling of organic waste for energy and smallholder livelihood. As part of this assistance, the Centre is supporting a series of training for women groups to produce briquettes out of waste materials and agricultural residues.

The objective of this assistance, implemented by CTCN Network member ECO Consult Sepp & Busacker Partnerschaft is to develop a sustainable waste management value and supply chain for energy and livelihoods that can be scaled up to national levels. 

Training is being conducted across the country:

  • 15 women groups trained in the production of briquettes from the carbonized powder produced in the first stage using a briquette press
  • 15 women groups trained in the utilization of briquettes for their own usage (how to light the briquette, make the difference between briquettes and charcoal or firewood)
  • 15 women groups trained in the briquette cost structure, management and business skills (saving due to briquette use calculation)
  • One women group trained in the production of carbonized and milled agricultural residues (groundnut shells) using pyrolizers and grinders equipment and supplies the other women groups

The expected results:

  •  Implementation, planning and communication documents prepared
  •  Identifying, collecting and synthesizing available baseline information
  • Women’s groups have been trained
  • A scalable model for waste management value and supply chain prepared
  • A bankable concept note and proposed operational action plan for scaling-up waste management solutions in the Gambia


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