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Call for Proposals: Piloting A Sustainable System To Collect And Distribute Agro-meteorological Information In Benin


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United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) is looking for member of the CTCN Network that can provide technical services in order to strengthen early warning in Benin for extreme events (drought,  floods,  etc.),  and  to  increase  national  capacities  to  collect,  disseminate  and  use  agro-meteorological information.

While  many  efforts  have  been  made,  there  is currently no multiple-risk early warning systems or capacity to produce and disseminate meteorological or  climatic  information  in  Benin.  Data  collection  agents  are  not  trained,  the  data  collected  are  not communicated  on  time  and  there  is  no  processing  or  analysis  of  data  or  feedback  on  the  data communicated. Therefore, the government of Benin requested technical assistance to the CTCN.

The assistance will cover the installation and piloting of software (GeoWRSI – Water  Requirements  Satisfaction  Index)  which  enables  national  actors  to  analyze  agro-meteorological information  and  calculate  an  index,  improving  forecasts  and  water  balance  analysis  in  relation  to  the producers' farming calendar and crop monitoring. The system will be tested at the national and local level with  agricultural  extension  workers  for  a  pilot  area  (Parakou  and  surrounding  areas),  so  that  the  full information chain can be applied. In addition, there is the potential for long-term projects or programmes based  on  the  software  and  on  in-depth  analysis  of  the  institutional  context  and  the  mechanisms  for disseminating  data  and  publicizing  information. Progress  made  in  the  pilot  region  would  enable  large-scale expansion of the approach used for this CTCN assistance to other regions of Benin. 

Complete Offer must be submitted via the UNIDO e-Procurement portal by 30 August 2016, 17:00 Vienna, Austrian time.


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