Call for Experts: Development of Green Building Guidelines and Standards for Ghana

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The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is seeking qualified interested firms to submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) to participate in the upcoming solicitation for the Development of Green Building Guidelines and Standards for Ghana. 

Deadline for submission: June 16, 2023

Ghana’s building and construction industry does not meet the sustainability nor the green demand, affecting economic output and long-term development prospects.  

This technical assistance aims to support the achievement of targets set by the Government of Ghana under various Conventions by developing the Green Building Standards for Ghana, which will ensure an environmentally responsible construction sector and green buildings. 

The Green Building Standards will also promote positive economic, environmental, health and social benefits by incorporating energy efficiency, efficient water systems and integrated waste management within the design and construction sector. Buildings will include public and urban, and rural residential settlements. Based on the introduced green building standards and their operationalization, Ghana will stimulate a green building sector and thereby contribute to its NDC targets by significantly reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions. 

The expected outcome, outputs and activities are as follows: 

  • Development of communication documents;
  • Introduction of project coordination mechanism;
  • Assessment of building groups and regulations in Ghana and diagnosis of technological needs;
  • Identification of international best practices, technologies, and sustainable local building materials;
  • Development of green building standards;
  • Development of effective mechanisms and tools for the implementation of building standards i.e. monitoring, verification, and enforcement (MV&E) framework & user manuals. 

The complete list of requirements will be provided in the tender documents that will be issued to bidders after this request for EOI is closed.

In case you are not a CTCN network member yet, you may still apply here. The requirement to join the CTCN network is only relevant to the main bidder and not the subcontractors.


This REOI aims to identify suitable firms who may be invited for the Request for Proposal after the REOI is closed. 

In addition to CTCN registration, all applicants should also be registered (free of charge) at United Nations Global Marketplace (

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