Assistance to identify climate adaptation technologies with rural communities in Mali


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Climate Technology Centre and Network

CTCN is assisting Mali in developing a tailored and ready-to-use Reference Guide of technologies that communities can use to best adapt their agricultural practises with regards to climate change effects. This is part of the technical assistance “Identification of climate adaptation technologies with rural communities”. The workshop, which main objective was to share the content of the Reference Guide, seek contributions for improvement and explore better ways to disseminate the Guide took place 24-25th March in Bamako.

The event was attended by more than 50 participants with rich and diverse fields of expertise including Energy, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Water, Forestry, Education, Local Languages, Economy, Banking, Communication, Climatology, Micro Insurance, Planning, Youth Employment, Gender, Rural Engineering, etc. The National Designated Entity (NDE) of Mali Mr. Birama Diarra (Mali Meteorological Office) led the opening and closing ceremonies.

As the result of this CTCN technical assistance, it is expected not only production of a Reference Guide, also identification of 20 appropriate technologies for adapting to a changing climate, design and begin implementation of a dissemination strategy, recommendations for financing large scale deployment.

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