Advancing Climate Solutions: Highlights from the 22nd CTCN Advisory Board Meeting

Group photo of the 22nd Advisory Board Meeting participants. Photo: CTCN

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Bonn, Germany – The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) Advisory Board held a productive 22nd meeting[1] to discuss and strategize on pressing issues related to climate technology and sustainable development.

The meeting started with the joint Technology Executive Committee (TEC) and Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) session where members from both bodies received an update on the progress made in implementing the TEC- CTCN Joint Programme of Work, with a focus on the Green Technology Database, #AI4ClimateAction, technology roadmaps, and the Gender & Climate Technology Expert Roster.

Paving the way to COP28, a representative from the UAE COP Presidency delegation took center stage and expanded on the opportunity that COP 28 represents to accelerate climate action and respond to the impacts of climate change especially in developing countries.

Asya Al Shehhi, UAE Negotiator under Technology, Science, and Innovation called everyone to “turn our ambitions into actions and shape a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.”

With the upcoming COP in Dubai on the horizon, she also noted the importance of  “strengthening our partnerships and collectively accelerating the deployment of climate technologies."

Speaking on behalf of UNEP as the host agency, Steven Stone, Deputy Director, Industry and Economy Division said that the “climate imperative is clear: we must focus relentlessly on results. This means keeping a clear substantive focus, strengthening partnerships, and communicating effectively. And as networking lies at the heart of CTCN and UNEP, we must strengthen the partnerships that support the CTCN to expand its reach and maximize its impact.”

The CTCN Secretariat briefed on the significant progress made in implementing CTCN’s 3rd Programme of Work. In 2023 alone, the CTCN accomplished the development of 21 proposals, the creation of 21 reports, and the successful completion of 3 evaluations.

Moreover, the Secretariat provided the Board with an update on the implementation of the AFCIA I programme, as well as the launch of a new EU-funded project to support up to 10 innovative community-based climate technology projects for communities at risk of conflicts due to climate impact.

Following four days of presentations and discussions, the Board approved several crucial documents, including the Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Strategy, Annual Operation Plan and Budget, and CTCN Gender Policy 2023-2027, among others. These documents are integral to the functioning, daily operations, and sustainable development of the CTCN.

Erwin Rose, the CTCN Advisory Board Chair, noted that “This meeting demonstrated that the CTCN is helping the Paris Agreement parties accelerate climate action during this first year of our five-year joint work programme with the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee.”

 “Our focus on innovation and digitalization is enabling the CTCN’s global network to make progress toward achieving the system transformations that we need to respond to the climate crisis,” he completed.


The 22nd Advisory Board meeting video recording and presentations can be found here.


The CTCN Secretariat operates within its terms of reference and is accountable to, and under the guidance of, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) through an Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board of the CTCN determines its operational modalities and rules of procedure based on the functions outlined in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 123. The Constitution of the Advisory Board was agreed upon and amended at COP 26.


[1] The meeting took place on September 22-27, 2023, and convened members from Annex 1 and Non-Annex 1, UNFCCC bodies representatives, UNFCCC non-governmental constituencies, COP Presidency as well as key stakeholders, NDEs, and observers.


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