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  • Country of registration: Myanmar
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member
    Sector(s) of expertise: Water, Agriculture and forestry

    Myanmar Koei International (MKI) was established in 2013 and registered with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development. Myanmar Koei International Ltd (MKI) is the local arm of Nippon Koei (NK) in Myanmar and has since then significantly supported NK in its engagements in the country.

  • Country of registration: South Africa
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member
    Sector(s) of expertise: Energy efficiency, Cross-sectoral

    EY helps businesses assess and respond to environmental, societal and government issues. Cova brings market-leading credentials in advising clients on government programs that accelerate sustainability & net zero strategies. Together, EY Cova brings enhanced advisory capabilities across government grants and incentives, customs and global trade, and carbon and energy, with exceptional client service. EY Cova brings depth of experience and relationships across sustainability and climate change to help businesses accelerate to more sustainable futures.

  • Country of registration: Republic of Korea
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    InnoCSR currently focuses on "Impact Technology", delivering proven Green Technology from mainly Korea, China, and Japan to developing countries in Asia. This is possible due to our wide network of Companies, NGOs, GOVs, and Academia from our initial decade of CSR consulting.

  • Country of registration: Singapore
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    GreenA Consultants is a Sustainability Consultancy firm established in 2009. We are headquartered in Singapore with projects in Asia and Africa. GreenA Consultants provides value in achieving your sustainability goals. We provide solutions in the areas of Green Reporting, Certification, Environmental Studies, Protocol Development, and Environmental Audits.