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  • Country of registration: Belgium
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    Turbulent develops cost-effective micro hydropower plants that can be installed in any river, canal or waterway that has a drop between 1.5 - 5 m and a flow of at least 1CMS. Our patented Turbulent vortex technology has a minimal impact on the local ecosystem and focusses on the repurpose of unused structures such as watermills and irrigation canals supporting the energy transition to use the untapped potential of rivers in developing countries in order to generate constant, renewable energy to contribute to the goals of universal access to sustainable energy.

  • Country of registration: Sri Lanka
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member
    Sector(s) of expertise: Cross-sectoral

    ClimateSi is a private company carrying out its activities over 20 countries in the world. The company is operating in the areas of GHG MRVs, Carbon Pricing, sustainable development assessments, Climate Policy, Climate Finance, Low emission Development Initiatives, legal and other sustainability assessment related to climate change. Also ClimateSI has taken a further step ahead and established an IT department to facilitate digitization of the regional and organizational MRV systems and to develop some other climate change related IT products.

  • Country of registration: Pakistan
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member
    Sector(s) of expertise: Water, Human health, Cross-sectoral, Forestry

    ACT is working to improve access to high-quality, affordable, and long-term health and education, as well as WASH and rainwater harvesting systems, by strengthening local capacity to mitigate the effects of climate change. It has a wide range of experience providing bespoke modules and IEC material on WASH and trainings, ranging from grassroots to policy and planning levels.

  • Country of registration: Chile
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    E2BIZ is a Chilean company, formed in 2013. The company provides strategic and technical consultancy services designed to evaluate the impact of energy and environmental policies on climate change (mitigation and adaptation), electricity markets, renewable energy sector, energy efficiency, and GIS analysis.The company can provide multidisciplinary teams of senior professionals with experience in climate change, participative processes and environmental issues, legal, regulatory and institutional, including climate analysts, economists, lawyers, and social scientists.