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  • Country of registration: France
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    SCE offers a global range of services in consulting and engineering in land planning and environmental management. This global expertise is key to SCE success as multidisciplinary teams organized around each project combine their know-how and expertise to accompany public and private beneficiaries.

  • Country of registration: Republic of Korea
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member
    Sector(s) of expertise: Agriculture

    Our service with products: SFC (Seed Film Cultivation) SFC is precision agriculture using seed attached bio-degradable film(seedfilm). Seedfilm not only controls weeds, but also protects the warmth, moisture, and fertilizer of the farmland and provides the optimal environment for growing rice, resulting in high yields. SFC is expected to reduce water consumption by 70% and suppress most of the methane compared to conventional rice farming without sacrificing yield. Furthermore, SFC doesn't have to rely on irrigated fields.

  • Country of registration: Spain
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre in Catalonia. Eurecat’s competences cover Digital and Industrial Technologies, Sustainability (energy, batteries & storage, waste, water, air, soil, environmental impact and circular economy), and Biotech. Eurecat is founder and partner of the Climate Resilience Centre of Catalonia (CRC), created with the aim of developing projects focused on mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and with a firm commitment to the ecological transition in Catalonia, Spain and the Mediterranean basin, based on research, technology and innovation.

  • Country of registration: United Kingdom
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    WRc is a Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Growth. We operate across different sectors including Water, Environment, Gas and Resource Management. Our clients include regulators, water and gas utility companies, governmental organisations, NGOs, trade organisations, industrial manufacturers and waste management companies. Building on a legacy in the international water and environment sector stretching back over 90 years, combined with the knowledge of approximately 170 staff, we bring a shared purpose of discovering and delivering new and exciting solutions.

  • Country of registration: Taiwan
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    Sector(s) of expertise: Agriculture, Renewable energy, Transport, Industry

    Agronic is a vibrant and international smart green technology firm committed to managing environmental friendly solutions more than 20 years’ experiences in engineering design and manufacturing coupled with systematic integration and cutting edge AIoT solution.

  • Country of registration: Canada
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    We help organizations that contribute to the UN’s SDGs by creating new products, services and business models anchored on emerging technologies. Envisioning Labs is an award-winning, innovation and R&D firm that assists organizations with designing futures and building innovations that matter.
 Our expertise on cutting edge technologies and innovation methodologies allow us to empower our clients in creating value-added assets.

  • Country of registration: Denmark
    Relation to CTCN: Network Member

    With more than 50 years of existence and continued growth, DHI is an independent, private and not-for-profit organisation based in Denmark, with 30 offices and about 1,100 full-time employees worldwide. We have helped clients in more than 140 countries solving their most difficult challenges in water environments.