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Wigton Windfarm Limited

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36 Trafalgar Road, PCJ Resource Centre ground Floor, Kingston 10, Jamaica
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Research and academic institution
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Wigton Windfarm Limited, a subsidiary of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), is the largest wind energy facility in the English-speaking Caribbean. Located in Rose Hill, Manchester, the wind farm currently comprises three plants: Wigton I (20.7 MW) began operating in 2004, Wigton II (18 MW) in 2010 and Wigton III in 2016 bringing the wind farm's total capacity to 62,7 MW.

The vision of Wigton Windfarm Limited is to be a catalyst of increased usage of wind power and other renewable energy forms in Jamaica. The company has a mandate for technology transfer. Wigton has a history of training both its own staff and a wider community through offering technical and capacity building workshops and participating in the delivery of the West Indies university certificate courses in renewable energy.

Since 2017 Wigton is offering formal courses from the Wigton Renewable Energy Lab which was developed by Renewables Academy, Germany (RENAC). The following areas are included in the Wigton Renewable Energy Lab: solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind power, fuel cells, concentrated solar power, energy consumption and measurement, small hydro and bio energy.

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