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Viresco Solutions

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Suite 610-600 6 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 0S5, Canada
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Private sector organization
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Viresco Solutions is a consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its core business is greenhouse gas offset policy development and implementation, greenhouse gas emissions quantification, sustainable supply chain development, environmental offset methodology development, and providing technical assistance to others undertaking carbon offset project development. Its clients include industry and non-governmental associations, large private sector companies, and local, provincial and federal governments. Viresco Solutions´ mandate is to work to ensure that green projects grow and flourish worldwide ("Viresco" is a Latin term meaning "To grow, become green, flourish"). Specifically, Viresco´s product and service offerings include: 1. Policy and Program Implementation: Assisting governments and regulatory bodies in developing comprehensive and credible programs or policies on carbon offsets and other environmental assets. 2. Greenhouse Gas Quantification: Providing technical expertise to clients (e.g. project developers, grant applicants, governments or other clients) for GHG quantification or carbon offset projects. 3. Standards Development: Developing offset quantification protocols/methodologies, insetting guidance documents and other environmental asset market documents (e.g. water, conservation). 4. Sustainability Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement: Building competitive strategic plans for organizations 5. Sustainable Supply Chain Assessments: Assessing upstream and downstream impacts in agri-food supply chains and bringing rigour to the process