SSR Green Holdings (Pty) Ltd

SSR Green Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a waste management and recycling company that caters for all recyclable materials in a society. The company has been  participating in the East London Industrial Development Zone’s (ELIDZ) Small Medium Enterprise Development Programme (SMEDP) and in its ZonePilot project.

As a participant in the programme, the company engaged in Research and Development (R&D) activities and and developed an alternative Innovative Building Technology (IBT), which is manufactured from the waste materials that the company collects. The technology was developed in order to engage community members in job creation opportunities whilst also balancing inequalities such as informal settlements and quality of human settlements. The company sincerely believes that waste is a precious resource that, if utilized correctly, will benefit and address many social, economical and environmental issues.

Country of registration
South Africa
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28 Harmony Place, Amalinda, East London, Eastern Cape, 5252, South Africa
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Network Member
Capacity building and training
Type of organisation
Private sector organization
Type of climate technology services
Capacity building
Technology development/transfer
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Community based
Glass recycling
Integrated solid waste management
Manufacturing industry
Product component and materials recycling
Solid waste
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Waste Management
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Energy efficiency
Waste management
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South Africa