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Nippon Koei Latin America-Caribbean Co. Ltd

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Kojimachi 5 chome 4 banchi, Chiyoda ku, Tokyo, Japan
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Network Member
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Private sector organization
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Nippon Koei Latin America-Caribbean Co. Ltd (NKLAC) is a company founded in Panama, wholly owned by Nippon Koei Latin America-Caribbean Co. Ltd. in 2003 in Japan. The commitment of NKLAC is to contribute to the development of social and economic infrastructure of the countries in which it operates, in order to improve the conditions of life for its inhabitants in harmonious coexistence with nature. NIPPON KOEI LAC, INC. as part of NIPPON KOEI GROUP is committed to providing the highest level of technical expertise and management experience, which is required to meet the technological demands as well as in providing technology to all projects under their responsibility, and ensure a specialized service for the successful project completion.