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NGO Energy Dialogue, Mining and Extractive Latin American

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De Las Claras 135, OF.40, Santiago, Chile

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Not for profit organisation

ONG DIALOGO ENERGETICO is an international civil society organization dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development with activities in 8 countries of Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru. The organization focuses  its work on universal energy access; community relationship management through promotion of entrepreneurship and implementation of local economic development projects; climate protection projects in energy, mining and extractive industry in Latin American region.

The DIALOGO ENERGETICO develops and implemets its projects in the following areas: 

- Program development and promotion of energy access among remote and offline communities;
- Climate protection and fight against climate change:
- Marine species project resettlement for artisanal fishing communities;
- Promotion of non-conventional renewable energy;
- Biodiversity protection; 
- Sustainable transport.

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