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National Cleaner Production Centre of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka NCPC
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Network Member
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Not for profit organisation
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National Cleaner Production Centre of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka NCPC) is the foremost Cleaner Production solutions provider in Sri Lanka. The centre was established by UNIDO under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to assist enterprises in adopting Cleaner Production (CP). Founded in early 2002, Sri Lanka NCPC has approximately fifteen (15) years of experience in promoting Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production (RECP) and resource efficiency in various manufacturing and service sectors in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka NCPC has a diverse network of international organizations, government institutes, universities, private organizations and individual experts.

Since 2002, Sri Lanka NCPC has been strengthening climate change adaptation measures in Sri Lanka and the Southern Asia region. Sri Lanka NCPC has partnered with many international and local projects to provide technical expertise. NCPC provides advisory services to the government  of Sri Lanka in developing environmental policies and projects. It develops capacity of the industry and government personnel on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and climate change. Sri Lanka NCPC's main services include consultation on energy efficiency, carbon management, chemicals management, resource efficiency, water efficiency, ISO system development and sustainable business model development.

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