Khavaran Institute of Higher Education

Khavaran Institute of Higher Education (KHI) is a non-governmental newly established tertiary education (10 years). The number of students in KHI exceeds 3500 out of which more than 3000 study in under-graduate and about 500 students at the post graduate levels. The fields of specialties conducted in KHI are technical and engineering. The KHI has its own research plan where all thesis and researches must comply with KHI plan. The main goal of this plan is environmental issues.

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Fallahi2/11, Fallahi blv. Imam-ali highway, Mashhad, Iran
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Research and academic institution
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Early Warning and Environmental Assesment
Remote sensing & GIS
Hazard mapping
Seasonal to interannual weather forecast
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Early Warning Systems Communication
Climate scenario development
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Climate change monitoring
Improved weather forecasting & hydrometeorological networks
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Early warning and Environmental assessment
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