The International CCS Knowledge Centre

The international CCS Knowledge Centre ("Knowledge Centre") is a non-profit organization mandated to advance the understanding and use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as means of managing GHG emissions. Based on learnings from the world's first post-combustion CCS facility at SasPower's Boundary Dam coal-fired power plant, and a $20M contribution from BHB Billiton, the Knowledge Centre is able to facilitate project development. Collaboration and partnerships are essential to transfer know-how, reduce costs and break down barriers of CCS deployment; and to build capacity. 

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198-10 Research Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
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Communication and awareness
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Not for profit organisation
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Knowledge management
Technology development/transfer
Capacity building
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Carbon capture and storage
Carbon Fixation and Abatement
CO2 storage technologies
CO2 capture technologies
CO2 transport technologies
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Carbon fixation and abatement
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United States