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InnoVentum AB

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Lilla Varvsgatan 14, 275; SE-21115, Malmö, Sweden
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Private sector organization
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The mission of InnoVentum is to bring Power to the People. Innoventum has developed and commercialised a range of environmentally friendly renewable energy solutions: small wind and solar installations as well as hybrid wind-solar stations. The 12 m towers of Innoventum are made of wood and can be easily installed without a crane. Innoventum has experience in configuring and installing renewable energy mini-grids with battery and diesel backup.


  • Giraffe 2.0 green power station and E-vehicle charger


    The Giraffe 2.0 by InnoVentum is a combined carport and charging station harvesting green energy from the wind and sun to power your e-vehicle.The Giraffe 2.0 is made of renewable (wood) and recycled (metal) materials bringing green power stations to the next level of sustainability. The trees used for the structure have absorbed several tons of CO2 from the atmosphere before their wood takes the unique shape of a Giraffe – all this carbon dioxide is preserved within the structure for decades, making a positive contribution to the climate.

  • Dalifant- a wind energy solution on a wooden tower


    InnoVentum gives power to the people – by providing carbon neutral wind energy solutions to individuals and businesses that want to generate clean energy with a beautiful and silent wind turbine. To offer products with the lowest possible carbon impact and superior perfor­mance, InnoVentum makes towers of wood instead of steel. Our unique wooden tower designs are bound to turn heads in our customers’ gardens.