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Grupo Laera Ltda

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Grupo Laera is a private consultancy firm, headquartered in Colombia, and working to ensure sustainable development without compromising the speed of economic growth. Grupo Laera specializes in the diagnosis of critical points affecting the operation of each project, and defining appropriate action plans on what we consider to be their most important assets: natural resources, human resources, a finance strategy that fits with their business and, client satisfaction as main sources of income and economic growth. With a multidisciplinary consultancy team, drawn from the corporate, academic and multilateral agencies spheres and working with various international organizations, businesses and world-class universities, at the local, national, regional and global level. The capabilities of Grupo Laera are reflected on its consultants’ experience, the understanding of the Latin American and Caribbean regional settings (both public and private sectors), its private nature allowing it to maintain objectivity, and the strategic partnerships that have been built up.