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Grue + Hornstrup A/S

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Grue + Hornstrup

Active since 2001, the Energy and Environment Group of G+H is one of the leading European based consultancy firms providing innovative and tailor-made advisory services and solutions in the board fields of Climate Change, Development, Energy & Environment, and Sustainability.

The Group has more than 150 project references across the world including countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South and North America, and Europe. The experience of Grue + Hornstrup A/S stretches across many sectors (incl. renewable energy, energy efficiency, industry, waste management and transport), and their client spectrum includes multilateral development agencies and banks (e.g. UNDP, World Bank), governmental institutions and ministries, and private sector companies and organizations.

The team of Grue + Hornstrup A/S combines a multidisciplinary education and skill set (e.g. engineering, business management, humanitarian studies, and architecture) with a multinational background (from Europe, North America, and Asia) and physical work experience with a large variety of projects in more than 50 countries. It is the highest motivation of Grue + Hornstrup A/S to apply their skills, know-how, and experience to make a contribution towards sustainable and low carbon development. The collective experience of Grue + Hornstrup A/S in business development and project management helps them to provide innovative and practical solutions for sustainable development.

Grue + Hornstrup A/S provides top-class consultancy services in the business fields “Climate Change & Development”, “Energy & Environment” and “Sustainability & Innovation”. As different circumstances require different solutions, Grue + Hornstrup A/S offers highest flexibility in our services and provide tailored solutions for our clients.

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