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P.O Box 183, N-4802, Arendal, NORWAY

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GRID-Arendal is a Norwegian foundation that supports the United Nations Environment Programme.  It is a centre of excellence for the scientific analysis of environmental issues in many areas including environmental assessments, ocean issues and polar regions. It specialises in the communication of environmental knowledge to support decision-making and the formulation of policy change by organizing and transforming available environmental data into credible, science-based information products, delivered through innovative communication tools and capacity building services targeting relevant stakeholders. GRID-Arendal’s  goal is to create environmental knowledge enabling positive change. 

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  • PacGeo - Pacific Spatial Data Infrastructure

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    Sunday, June 30, 2013

    PacGeo is an open access geospatial data repository for the Pacific Region providing premier geophysical, geodetic, and marine spatial data sets. Developed through collaboration between the GeoScience Division of Secretariat of the Pacific Community (GSD/SPC), University of Sydney, Geoscience Australia (GA), and GRID-Arendal. The development of PacGeo was combined with targeted training and capacity building activities conducted at the Pacific Maritime Boundary Working Group Meetings, held twice yearly at the University of Sydney and at other ad hoc events in the region.