Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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Factor Ideas Integral Services, S.L.

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Factor is an international organization specialized in providing global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, carbon markets, energy, green growth and sustainability. Established in March 2004, Factor is already present in 6 countries and 4 continents with 7 offices providing solutions to over 380 clients in 30 countries, having developed more than 1100 projects.

Factor is globally recognized:

- For being a referent in climate change related areas and climate resilient development;

- For its efficient and proactive team capable of adding significant value to the solutions provided; and

- For their integrated partners, clients and team of experts from different nationalities.

The company is focused on four core business are achieving different activities and specialities such as mitigation and adaptation to climate change, carbon markets and energy in developed and developing countries. In this regard, Factor provides support for: 

- Developing GHG emission inventories and projections, mitigation policies and action plans for private and public clients;

- Carrying out systematic analyses of the chain of cause and effects, and the impacts on vulnerable sectors and territories;

- Designing Smart Trading tool to allow tailoring to the unique interests and attributes of each client; and

- Supporting clients to move towards a more sustainable and cost efficient use of energy.