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Coalition for “green” economy and development “G-Global”

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Coalition for green economy and development “G-Global” was based in 2013, the main mission of this coalition is to provide the passing to “green economy”. “G-global” aims to find the substitution of burning fossil fuels on alternative energy sources. Every year the population’s demand is increasing, thus it leads to air contamination .Moreover,  “G-Global” develops the production of organic food. In December 2015 coalition became the owner of the eco-mark “organic KZ”. Coalition provides the transfer of organic food to local markets located in Astana. Additionally, on September 2016 coalition green economy and development “G-Global” with the help of Ministry of energy of Kazakhstan carried out a conference “Green bridge – a bridge to green technologies, innovation and available energy”. As it was mentioned before, Coalition for “green” economy and development “G-Global” is working on developing of “green” economy in Kazakhstan. There is no doubt that by carrying out forums, conferences and other activities related to “green” economy, population of Kazakhstan will become more aware of it.  What is more, in 2017 world known exhibition “EXPO-2017” will take place, the topic of this exhibition is “Future energy”.  Coalition serves as a platform for “EXPO-2017”. It is clear that the themes and majors aims of CTCN and Coalition for green economy and development “G-Global” are highly connected.

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Coalition for “green” economy and development “G-Global”
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