Centro Nacional de Produccion mas Limpia de Honduras

The National Cleaner Production Centre of Honduras CNP+LH was established in the year 2000 as an initiative of the Honduran Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEHDES), which was supported by the Fund for Environmental Management Honduras- Canada (FMMAHC) with the additional support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cortes. Currently the HNCPC is an independent association and a technical partner of FUNDAHRSE (Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility).

It is a member of the RECP (Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production) global network driven by UNIDO-UNEP as well as the HCV (High Conservation Values) Network and it is recognized by MiAmbiente (National Secretary of Natural Resources, Environment and Mining) as national reference technical body for Environmental Issues.

CNP+LH promotes and advises organizations in the training and implementation of programs such as:

  • Cleaner Production (CP)
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) based on ISO 14001
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS) based on ISO 9001
  • Food Safety Systems (FSS) based on ISO 22000
  • Safety and Occupational Health based on international standard OHSAS 18000
  • EMA (Environmental Management Accounting)
  • Other tools of Eco-efficiency
  • Legal-Environmental Audit
  • Environmental, Social and High Conservation Values studies and action plans.

Thus CNP+LH offers technical assistance to the organizations (which includes personalized advice on plant and staff training) and training that is offered individually, either in the form of availability to the public customized within the organizations, which are offered training designed to measure on the specific issues selected, based on the overall service offering, or in areas requiring improvement.

The CNP+LH has been working in many industrial and commercial sectors such as municipalities, supporting their activities to ensure:

  • Reduction of energy, water and material uses.
  • Reduction of wastes and pollution
  • Reduction of work related incidents
  • Violation of environmental laws
  • Management of environmental, social and High Conservation Values issues.

Otherwise, the CNP+LH has been supporting the preparation and planning of policy’s, strategies and plans, in local and national levels.

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