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Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat

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1st floor, N0.6, Narvan Street, Sepehr 6st, Marzdaran Blvd, Postal code: 1463855616, Tehran, Iran
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Network Member
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Private sector organization

Behineh Sazan Sanat Tasisat (BSST) is a company with theoretical knowledge and industrial experience in climate change mitigation, such as increasing energy efficiency. BSST attempts to achieve its targets by:

  • Innovation and research: accomplishment of practical research for example on energy conservation in gas pressure reducing stations;
  • Project implementation: performing EPC projects as well as consultancy, planning, supervision and management of energy saving and mitigation projects;
  • Consultancies related to the preparation of concept notes in order to apply for climate change funds for governmental organization and private sectors;
  • Cooperation in the energy law codification especialy with the Iranian Standard Organisation: standards and policies in the field of energy especially related to NAMAs and MRV;
  • Culturing and training: promotion of public knowledge and motivation of energy consumers by performing public and professional training courses, promotion seminars and advertisement;
  • Optimization of energy consumption and energy auditing in industries and buildings:
  • Design and construction of intelligent energy management systems;  
  • Establishment of energy management system based on ISO 50001 standards; and
  • Design and construction of heating appliances laboratories in order to performance test according to national and international standards.
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