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Abrafo Negajoule Inc

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190 B Rue Dorchester, Suite 70 Quebec, Qc G1k 5y9 Canada
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Network Member
Type of organisation:
Private sector organization

Abrafo Negajoule provides professional advice to private and public organizations aiming and becoming more profitable and responsible by reducing their energy and resources consumption. Their main activities are consulting services (design and implementation) of sustainable energy projects, support services for the development of energy and resource efficiency and technical training. They have worked in 11 countries. They are a consulting company specialized in the fields of sustainable energy, particularly for the industrial, commercial and institutional customers. Abrafo Negajoule propose the following services:

  • Financial analysis of sustainable energy projects.
  • Design and implementation of energy management systems according to the standard ISO 50001.
  • Specialized training:
  • Energy Audits
  • Financial analysis of sustainable energy investment projects
  • Measurement and verification of the performance

Abrafo Negajoule also has strong experience in north-south cooperation initiatives with multilateral agencies. Project examples are:

  • Sectoral studies in sustainable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction;
  • Research and development of the sustainable energy market;
  • Specialized training.