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3Wayste® is an innovative, patented waste management system capable of treating 100 per cent of municipal solid waste (MSW) while profitably revalorizing more than 90 per cent for clean energy fuel, pure compost and raw materials. The unprecedented level of revalorization means less landfills, less incinerators and less greenhouse gas emissions.

3Wayste  business model is construction of turnkey municipal waste management plants based on the 3Wayste® system and technology transfer. The clients and industry partners of 3Wayste are local and national governments, infrastructure and construction companies, and public-private partnerships.

The 3Wayste® technology was invented in 2010.  It holds 4 patents and has been operating at commercial scale in Polignac (France) with a processing capacity of up to 20t/hour or 120,000t/year.

3Wayste® plants are fully covered, clean and do not pollute the air or municipal water. They operate in all weather conditions and emit no odours. Leading waste management experts have judged the 3Wayste® system adaptable to all local conditions and suitable for all settings including small islands and emerging and developing economies. Most existing recycling plants can be retrofitted. The 3Wayste® system requires an investment of US$25 million.

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