Opportunity Country Deadline
Establishment of an integrated salinity intrusion data sharing system for adaptation to the climate change impacts in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam Viet Nam 09 May 2024
Implementation of improvements to the National Drought Monitor of Ecuador (MONSE) for the integration of a drought risk scenario module in Ecuador Ecuador 14 Feb 2024
Data-driven approach in flood mitigation: developing real-time mapping of floods in Mali Mali 17 Jul 2023
The Radio-Internet (RANET) climate disruptive technology initiative: Harnessing the combined potential of Radio and Internet to enhance agricultural resilience in rural Kebbi State, Northwestern Nigeria Nigeria 14 Jul 2023
Implementation of Water-Food-Energy nexus using digital technologies for local communities in Mozambique Mozambique 06 Jul 2023
Development of Green Building Guidelines and Standards for Ghana Ghana 16 Jun 2023
Using simple mobile technologies to scale up digital collection & processing of climate observations for adaptation actions in Malawi Malawi 29 May 2023
Diagnosis, optimization and redesign of the meteorological, hydrological, agrometeorological and atmospheric surveillance observational system to combat climate change in Peru Peru 31 Aug 2022
Customized weather and climate information system for climate-resilient agriculture in Nepal Nepal 29 Aug 2022
Development of a framework and roadmap for a National Innovation System to foster low-carbon and climate resilient economic development in Zambia Zambia 26 Aug 2022
Improving adaptive capacities of water sector through surface rain water harvesting technology adoption Pakistan 20 Aug 2022
Technology adaptation program for farmers to minimize the impacts of climate change on coconut lands in Puttalam District Sri Lanka 19 Aug 2022
Developing an STI-led cross-sectoral Circular Economy Roadmap for abating GHG emissions in South Africa South Africa 12 Aug 2022
Identification of a tidal turbine technology for the electrification of small communities in the Republic of Congo Congo 08 Aug 2022
Design of an Adaptation Plan for the Power Generation Sector in Panama Panama 18 Jul 2022
Developing a national framework for deploying and scaling up E-Mobility in Tanzania Tanzania 08 Jul 2022
Enhancing multi-scalar mapping and research on food security risk due to the impacts of climate change on rural and urban environments Jamaica 29 Jun 2022
Development of Green Building Standards for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 03 Jun 2022
Developing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Models for Hill Ecosystem in Nepal Nepal 01 Apr 2022
Building up integrated monitoring and early warning forest fires detection system in the Borjomi - Kharagauli National Park by innovative remote sensing tools Georgia 18 Mar 2022
Analysis of the current situation of the construction and demolition sector in respect of the Circular Economy in Mexico City Mexico 18 Mar 2022
Designing nature-based solutions with an ethnic and gender-equity approach, to increase the resilience of rural mountain communities in protected natural areas affected by extreme weather events in Honduras Honduras 18 Mar 2022
Aquifer mapping technologies for Zambia Zambia 18 Mar 2022
Updating of Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) and Technology Action Plan (TAP) for the implementation of NDC Côte d’Ivoire 24 Feb 2022
Groundwater monitoring for mapping aquifers in Belize as a tool for climate change adaptation planning Belize 24 Feb 2022
Developing an Institutional Framework for the Energy Efficiency Act and Regulations targeting energy intensive sectors (household and industries) in Nigeria Nigeria 24 Feb 2022
Promoting and upscaling appropriate solar irrigation technology options for smallholder farmers in Ghana through innovative climate adaptation financing mechanisms, a conducive policy framework for technology regulation and tailored training modules Ghana 24 Feb 2022
Technical and economic feasibility of solar units and water storage on public buildings in Dominica Dominica 23 Feb 2022
Monitoring system of adaptation measures in the water sector, analysis of barriers and financial sustainability for its implementation Peru 30 Nov 2021
Localization of water resources management technology to adapt to climate change in Hong-Thai Binh river basin Viet Nam 29 Sep 2021