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Wind water pumping

Wind water pumping

  • Sustainable domestic water pumping using solar photovoltaic

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    Pumping of water for domestic and productive uses has been difficult to maintain in Tanzania. This challenge is highly attributed by the higher costs of pumping water using conventional means such as diesel generators and electricity.

    Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technologies have enabled rural communities of Tanzania to apply this technology for lighting, water pumping, charging of cell phones, etc. Community water projects using solar pumps have benefitted from reduced running costs as compared to diesel or electric water pumps.

  • Practical Action Consulting Limited

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    Practical Action Consulting (PAC) is the consulting arm of Practical Action, an international non-governmental organisation that uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. Through technology PAC enables poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions - transforming their lives forever and protecting the world around them. Every year PAC uses technology to help over 1 million people out of poverty.


  • Linking Heat and Electricity Systems: Co-generation and District Heating and Cooling Solutions for a Clean Energy Future

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    This report highlights two underutilized but fully implementable technologies that efficiently integrate heat and electricity systems, provide flexibility and enhance energy security. It examines what restricts co‑generation and efficient district heating and cooling systems that can help de-carbonize the energy system.

  • Clean Energy and Water Project in Mozambique - Business Plan


    The following business Plan has been designed to provide basic information investors and financiers need in order to consider a water pumping project using renewable energy which reduces emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

  • Lessons and Guidance on Securing financing for RE/EE projects in Southern Africa through Gold Standard Carbon Revenues


    This guidance document outlines the challenges experienced by the REEEP SSN project team inherent in financing and transacting RE/EE carbon projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Learnings and guidance from these experiences emphasize the development of clear and robust business plans in order to attract investors, the careful consideration and use of carbon financing to minimize transaction costs and to assist in project sustainability and promotion, and the potential that programmatic and bundling approaches hold for the region.