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Sustainable livelihoods

Sustainable livelihoods

  • Women agricultural cooperatives ensuring sustainable livelihoods in climate and armed conflict impacted areas

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    By promoting collective, sustainable models of agriculture, the project supports the climate- resilient livelihood of food insecure women who have been dependent on humanitarian aid. The project has been successful in improving the climate and overall resilience of over 18,900  individuals in 26 communities in Palestine. This has been achieved by enabling 35 CBOs, out of which 24 are women’s rural cooperatives, to better respond to their communities’ food and water needs while facing climate change under territorial occupation.

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  • DAI Global LLC

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    DAI Global LLC (DAI) has worked in more than 150 countries, implementing over 2,000 projects and delivering results across the spectrum of international development contexts, from stable societies and high-growth economies to challenging environments racked by political or military conflict. DAI works for fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. The wide range of clients of DAI includes national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral donors, private corporations and philanthropies.