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  • National Horticultural Research Institute

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    The National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) was first established as the National Fruit and Vegetable Research and Development Centre (NFVRDC) with the assistance of UNDP/FAO Project NIR/72/007. By the Federal Government Agricultural Research Institutes Establishment Decree Order No. 35 of June 1975, the Centre metamorphosed into the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) along with other Agricultural Research Institutes. The Institute is under the coordination of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN).

  • The value of indigenous knowledge in climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the African Sahel

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    It is increasingly realised that mitigation and adaptation should not be pursued independently of each other but as complements. Integrating mitigation and adaptation into climate change concerns is not a completely new idea in the African Sahel where the local populations in this region, through their indigenous knowledge systems, have developed and implemented extensive mitigation and adaptation strategies that have enabled them to reduce their vulnerability to past climate variability and change.