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SISAM: strengthening women’s access to Improved Solar Irrigation Systems in West Africa

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Description of the project: SISAM project is an innovative solar irrigation solution (local, sector, affordable, renewable, adapted to the constraints of family farming) that meets the needs of 100 market garden farms, mostly managed by women who have little access to water. A local production line and distribution of pumps, known as "minivolanta", have been built, as well as access to local microfinance (micro leasing). Activities include production, financing, distribution, maintenance of pumps and irrigation installations.

OTB Consult

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OTB Consult is a sustainability consultancy company, offering advanced services in sustainable development, green design, and environmental engineering. 

New CTCN/UNIDO Call for Proposals: Water and energy efficiency and self-generation plan in the Solomon Islands

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Solomon Islands comprise hundreds of islands.  Solomon Islands Water Authority (SW), a state-owned enterprise, is mandated to operate as the provider of municipal water and wastewater services. About 95% of total installed capacity of electricity generation in Solomon Islands is based on fossil fuels, and the balance 5% is through renewable energy sources. The electricity tariff of Solomon Islands is one of the highest in the Pacific since a major share of electricity in the Islands is met through fossil fuels.