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  • Potato Storage and Processing

    Potatoes are the fourth-largest food crop after rice, wheat, and maize. This brief describes how to make best use of them.

  • Publication date

    The 193 individual country profiles capture the status and progress of all UN Member States, and the 80+ indicators include a wealth of information on child, adolescent and adult anthropometry and nutritional status, in addition to intervention coverage, food supply, economics, and demography. This tool is particularly useful for nutrition champions at the country-level, as it presents a wide range of evidence needed to assess country progress in improving nutrition and nutrition-related outcomes.

  • Technology

    Researchers from a Slovak forestry agency have developed highly effective pheromone insect traps suitable for capturing bark and wood boring beetles with the purpose of monitoring and inspection of forest protection. The pheromone trap is available in two different shape variants both providing high quality of collected samples and 20 - 30% increase in collecting efficiency compared to currently available technologies. The agency seeks companies interested in technology purchase or licensing agreement.

  • Date

    The CTCN Regional Forum for NDEs from Developed Countries took place in Bonn, Germany. The purpose of the forum was to offer a platform for the NDEs and Climate Change focal points from Annex 1 countries to discuss issues and opportunities related to climate technology transfer to developing countries as a follow up to the COP21 decisions.