Connecting countries to climate technology solutions
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  • Seeing the light: adapting to climate change with decentralized renewable energy in developing countries

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    This book argues that well-designed decentralised renewable energy projects are both a mitigating and adaptive response to climate change. Decentralised renewable energy projects (DREs) address core sustainable development priorities and build adaptive capacity to climate change, without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.The first section explores linking mitigation and adaptation through energy access while the second section looks at the Clean Development Mechanism and decentralised renewable energy.

  • Institut International de l'Écologie Industrielle et de l'Économie Verte

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    The Institut International de l'Écologie Industrielle et de l'Économie Verte is an establishment of reflection, research and practice of industrial ecology. The Institute has an engineering division and an expertise cluster, which enables the Institute to identify new technologies linked to industrial ecology and to advise through a specific methodology adapted to local contexts. The project managers work on the practical execution of mandates and on the implementation of the industrial ecology with a particular attention to Switzerland and developing countries.