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Promotion of non-motorised transport

Promotion of non-motorised transport

  • Climate change vulnerability assessment: Greater Port Vila

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    This reports on a series of assessments made for the city of Port Vila, Vanuatu to measure the baseline for understanding critical social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities and range of risks in the face of climate change.

    This report is based on knowledge generated through three visits to the city by both report authors, a variety of engagement activity (interviews, workshops and a transect walk), elicitation of local/traditional knowledge, collating and analysing available primary data, and a comprehensive desk-top analysis of relevant literature.

  • Grütter Consulting

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    Grütter Consulting (GC) develops sustainable transport projects including policies development, biofuels implementation, urban and inter-urban mobility, electric, gas-powered vehicles, freight and logistics projects. It has implemented various projects in road-based transport (urban and inter-urban), rail and shipping with the objective to identify options for reducing the environmental footprint of transport. Also, GC realizes financial structuring within the framework of its projects.