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Peat carbon management

Peat carbon management

  • Viresco Solutions

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    Viresco Solutions is a consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Its core business is greenhouse gas offset policy development and implementation, greenhouse gas emissions quantification, sustainable supply chain development, environmental offset methodology development, and providing technical assistance to others undertaking carbon offset project development. Its clients include industry and non-governmental associations, large private sector companies, and local, provincial and federal governments.

  • Colombia: San Nicolas Carbon Sequestration Project

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    The development objective of the San Nicolas Carbon Sink and Arboreal Species Recovery Project is to pioneer carbon sinks in Colombia, through reforestation and agroforestry , on about 2,500 ha of abandoned pastures and through avoided deforestation and induced regeneration in about 7,300 ha of remaining forest stands in the valley of San Nicolas. The project also seeks to protect biodiversity through the recovery of endangered and vulnerable local arboreal species.