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    The most commonly used conversion methods – combustion of waste to produce heat or electricity; anaerobic digestion to produce methane for heat or power production etc. all are well-established and commercial technologies. A further set of conversion processes – for example, the production of liquid fuels from cellulosic materials by biological or thermochemical conversion processes, such as pyrolysis – are at earlier stages of commercialisation or still under development.

  • Tamar Technological Development r seals eliminate leakages in the main factories in Israel and were successfully installed in .USA Italy Brazil and Netherlands. The new MTZ shaft sealing technology has been introduced by Tamar Technologies This product is especially effective in sealing pumpage with particulates as well as for clear liquids It has application for pumps mixers agitators ribbon blenders and fans in addition to sealing shafts for dry powder handling. The Tamar Seal is analogous to a double mechanical seal that uses a flexible sealant as a barrier fluid.

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    Mekorot implements state-of the-art technological solutions and cutting-edge processes that succeeded in maximizing the utilization of Israel’s water resources. The systems include a national network of fully-automated control centres. These centres ensure the continuous functioning of Mekorot’s 3000 water installations including wells pumping stations treatment facilities reservoirs and pipelines. Advanced communications devices provide online real-time information about water quality and water supply while allowing remote control of vital systems.

  • BNC Systems is Making Cars SmarterTM by Bridging Connected Cars Infotainment Gaps. Our platforms utilize original OEM Infotainment Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – displays touch signals buttons dials – along with reading auto-communications to enhance Infotainment systems and resolve usability gaps. Thousands of luxury Infotainment systems have been equipped with BNC's Gateway platforms to customers' satisfaction.

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    Israel is recognized as being at the forefront of high-tech innovation, backed by a highly educated and creative workforce and a sound infrastructure. The Israeli industry is always breaching for newer and innovative technologies. Today Israel has about 350 cleantech companies and they are developing and growing constantly.

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    Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (NRERC), University of Haifa is a resaerch and academic institution established in 1985  with the mission to  carry out interdisciplinary research in the area of natural resource and environmental resource management, pioneering this a

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    Israel is responsible under international law to implement the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) in the Palestinian Occupied Territories (OPT). Why, then, are violations of the Convention in the OPT widespread and increasing?

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    Mitigation and adaptation climate change policy cuts across all sectors of the economy and broader national priorities, such as poverty alleviation, sustainable development and economic growth. This paper outlines the evolution of the low-emission development strategies (LEDS) concept in the climate policy discourse and explores the existing strategies, action plans and documents.

  • AST provides the most advanced water treatment and waste-water treatment technologies. Some of the projects it has executed are as follows: Nigeria- small town potable drinking water treatment plants- 3 systems based on UF membrane technology Greece- heavy metal recovery- advanced chemical treatment integrated with Micro filtration .and RO membrane. Israel- Several water treatment plants based on UF/RO membrane technology Several project for recovery of well water from nitrates AOP treatment- removal of high load COD waste water High load acid process water treatment