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    Cross-sectoral enabler

    This Technology Transfer Advances Thailand's

    • Nationally Determined Contribution to promote a sustainable agriculture and approriate resource allocation, Good Agricultural Practise (GAP) and to safeguard food security. 


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    The largest and northern most full-scale system for wastewater irrigation of Salix plantations in Sweden.
    The local community in Hedemora has long experience in producing biofuel from Salix plantations. The cooperation between Hedemora Energi AB and local farmers has resulted in irrigation of 75 acres of Salix Plantations. The local farmers in the project are guaranteed to sell their biofuel to the local municipal heating plant. As a result the project is contributing to the local production and consumption.

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    - Europe/Copenhagen

    The CTCN hosted a Regional Forum for National Designated Entities under the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) from West Asia. The Forum was held on 3-4  April 2016 in Cairo, Egypt. 

    The CTCN Forum was an occasion to develop and strengthen the regional network of NDEs and their relationship with other technology stakeholders, with a view to identify matchmaking opportunities to secure funding for follow-up actions to CTCN requests or other climate technology activities.

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    Soil moisture monitoring is critical for managing water resources in an efficient manner. This applies to both irrigated and rainfed cropping systems. Water is increasingly becoming the most limiting resource needed to meet the food and fiber needs of a growing and more affluent population. Soil moisture monitoring can e.g. be used as a tool to assist irrigation scheduling. Irrigation management gives better crops, using fewer inputs, which increases profitability. Soil moisture sensors help with irrigation decisions.

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    Mekorot implements state-of the-art technological solutions and cutting-edge processes that succeeded in maximizing the utilization of Israel’s water resources. The systems include a national network of fully-automated control centres. These centres ensure the continuous functioning of Mekorot’s 3000 water installations including wells pumping stations treatment facilities reservoirs and pipelines. Advanced communications devices provide online real-time information about water quality and water supply while allowing remote control of vital systems.

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    Viresco Solutions is a consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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    This is a new tool developed for helping assess the scope of new water technologies in better and lasting water management in the Volta and Limpopo river basins in West Africa. Called TAGMI (Targeting AGwater Management Interventions), the new tool is meant to explicitly help assess the likelihood that any new water management technology will still be in use two years after its introduction.

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    The IWMI World Water and Climate Atlas gives irrigation and agricultural planners rapid access to accurate data on climate and moisture availability for agriculture. The Atlas includes monthly and annual summaries for precipitation, temperature, humidity, hours of sunshine, evaporation estimates, wind speed, total number of days with and without rainfall, days without frost and Penman-Montieth reference evapotranspiration rates.

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    Description of the project: Erratic rain and irrigation scarcity contribute to food insecurity, financial losses and indebtedness  for small farmers in India, especially in coastal areas. Bhungroo®,  a locally developed rainwater management technology, saves farmers’ crops from waterlogging during monsoons and ensures adequate irrigation during dry seasons. The project relies on  trained rural Women Climate Leaders (WCLs), who promote the technology and deliver fee-based agriculture expert advice.