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  • Technology

    Admir Technologies offers a range of geosynthetic products for geotechnical solutions in a broad variety of civil engineering applications. Admir Technologies has 20 years experience in successfully adapting geosynthetic products to engineering projects such as constructing roads embankments and retaining walls lining reservoirs and waste landfills stabilizing slopes and designing drainage solutions. Following are some of the technologies and products offered by Admir Technologies.

  • Knowledge partner
    Country of registration
    United Kingdom
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    Coastal zones
    Infrastructure and Urban planning

    Jeremy Benn Associates Ltd (trading as JBA Consulting and referred to as JBA) is a specialist water and environmental consultancy founded in 1995. JBA now employs 450 permanent staff in 18 ffices in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Australia and Cambodia.

  • Technology

    Geo-Synthetics, LLC is a distributor, fabricator, and installer of geosynthetic materials for a broad range of erosion control and containment applications for landfill sites, construction sites, road construction projects and contaminated waterways. For over 40 years, Geo-Synthetics has been  providing geosynthetic materials, project field support, and installation expertise. GSI is one of the country’s largest independent installers of liners for landfill sites, and manages installation projects in all parts of the country.

  • Publication date

    The objective of the Urban Wastewater Methane Gas Capture Project for Bolivia is to help mitigate global climate change, by facilitating the use of market-based mechanisms sanctioned under the Kyoto Protocol through support to the urban sanitation sector. The World Bank's involvement in this project, as a trustee of the Community Development Carbon Fund (CDCF), allows purchase of emissions reductions beyond 2012 using the principles of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).