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Fog harvesting

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    Fogs have the potential to provide an alternative source of fresh water in dry regions and can be harvested through the use of simple and low-cost collection systems. Captured water can then be used for agricultural irrigation and domestic use. Research suggests that fog collectors work best in locations with frequent fog periods, such as coastal areas where water can be harvested as fog moves inland driven by the wind.

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    Early warning and Environmental assessment
    Renewable energy
    Marine and Fisheries

    IRD - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (Research Institute for Development) - is a research organization based in France that is working with its partners in the South to address international development issues.

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    Fog harvesting provides an alternative source of freshwater through a technique used to capture water from wind - driven fog. Fog harvesting systems are typ ically installed in areas where the presence of fog is naturally high, typically coastal and mountainous regions. The systems are usually constructed in the form of a mesh net, stabilized between two posts that are spread out at an angle perpendicular to t he prevailing wind carrying the fog.

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